Mylestone Curriculum Components

The mylestone programme offers a streamlined curriculum through well-designed and integrated components which have been the outcome of a prolonged research and development process of the mylestone pedagogy by subject matter experts.

Teacher Handbooks

Teacher handbooks provide the teacher with detailed and time-tested strategies, methods, activities and daily lesson plans for transacting lessons of various concepts and topics of various subjects.


Course books

Mapped with NCERT Learning Outcomes and the National Curriculum Framework, the Coursebooks present the concepts and topics of various subjects through age-appropriate illustrations and examples from real life situations with teacherassisted exercises for multi-skill development of the students.

Practice books

Based on the concepts taught in the Course Books, the Practice Books present worksheets to be attempted by the students independently, without taking help from their teacher or parents.The worksheets are designed to help students develop confi dence, thereby leading to multi-skill development.


Digital Content

Digital content, an essential part of the 21st century learning environment, is another feature of the Mylestone Curriculum in which the concepts and topics taught are also presented through digital content in an integrated manner to make learning interesting for the students.

Teacher Support

Mylestone provides complete training solutions through a dedicated team of academic consultants for the professional development of the teachers and school managers.



Resource Kit

Hands-on experience for the students and better opportunities for teachers to engage with the students.


Assessment Support

Assessment support consists of assessment modules in the form of Periodic Test papers designed as per Mylestone pedagogy by the subject matter experts for all subjects.


Mobile App

Mylestone offers a mobile app, Mystudygear having multiple choice questions designed like a game to be attempted by the students with the help of their parents. This app helps the parents keep track of the learning progress and level of interest of their wards, thereby making them important stakeholders

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