About Us

Mylestone is a mission to transform the quality of teaching in Indian schools and make the entire schooling process enriching, beneficial and future-oriented.

Mylestone comes as a comprehensive educational solution for K-12 – catering to students, teachers, parents and the school management. The Mylestone curriculum, once implemented in a school, ensures that students become active participants in the learning process instead of being just passive recipients of information.


myLEsTonE promisE: EmpowErEd TEaching, Easy LEarning

Committed to the objective of empowered teaching, we in Mylestone provide a roadmap for enabling the teachers through:

  • Training sessions for professional development of the teachers, conducted by Mylestone academic consultants.
  • Providing the teachers with Teacher Handbooks containing strategies, activities, methods and daily lesson plans for transacting concepts of various subjects
  • Providing them with a tool kit, containing teaching-learning aids and digital content for ready reference in explaining various concepts and topics of various subjects through an integrated approach.

The Mylestone programme is dedicated to provide a world class learning experience to the students by:

  • Encouraging the students to be proactive and collaborate and interact with the teacher, peers and parents in the learning process rather than becoming passive recipients
  • Relating concepts with experience of the students
  • Encouraging enquiry-based learning
  • Providing engaging activities and challenging exercises based on the concepts taught, for holistic development of the students.
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    • Empowers the entire
      school Ecosystem
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      school curriculum
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